Dostoewsky said:" Beauty saves the world! "

I love nature and its width.............

The Combination of two colors  fascinates me. 

One Color touches the other. They meet,  influence and add each other 

What influence do they have on one another....and on the viewer.? 

The Simplicity of just two colours and thier combination is just magic......and bring us into the miraculous world




born 1979 in Ekaterinburg,Russia

grew up in a family of artists, Vasily Schadrin and Anatoly Schadrin

visited Art School in Pervouralsk, Russia.

studied Languages English and German in Russia, Ekaterinburg

2000 moved to Germany

completed extramural full-time Education "Professional Painting" at the SGD,  Darmstadt , Germany

visited course of study in Paintings at  Russian painters  Igor Sacharov in Moscow  and Vecheslav Korolenkov 

visited course of study in Paintings at the Art Academy in Bad Kohlgrub, Germany 

exhibited  in Russia, Germany, Italy

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